Social Awareness in the Middle School

February 25, 2012

Stone Ridge Middle Schoolers share what Social Action means to them.
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The five Sacred Heart goals are essential to education at Stone Ridge. These goals are incorporated into our education on the first day of school and are often carried out throughout the year. However, Goal Three of the Sacred Heart, a “social awareness which impels to action,” is something that the Upper School really takes pride in. It is harder for the Middle School and Lower School students participate in community service activities due to age restrictions, but they are anxiously awaiting their chance to be a part of the Social Action Program.

Social Action, although it is something that the Upper School does, affects the whole school from the students who go out and help those less fortunate or to the younger ones who aren’t even apart of the program. Since the Middle School will be participating in the Social Action Program in a few years time, I interviewed a few Middle School students during Study Hall one day. I asked them a few questions about their take on the Social Action Program and what types of service activities they would like to do once they are in the Upper School. From these responses, it seems that the Middle Schoolers are anxiously waiting to be a part of Social Action.


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