We Can Change the World

April 23, 2014

On the morning of our very last Social Action day for the 2013-2014 year, the Stone Ridge girls were greeted with a presentation from the Social Justice class.   Social Justice is a senior elective that is based on the Catholic Social Teaching, and how those teachings influence our everyday life and decisions. During one of their classes, the girls had the idea to present what they had learned over the course of this year to the rest of the school. The girls spent many classes and extra time to make this presentation absolutely perfect. Each girl contributed many ideas to make the last Social Action assembly one of the best. Mr. Malcolm McCluskey, who teaches the SoJo class, states, “I think the girls left with a sense of why Social Action is important. The presentation went well and we were successful in what we were trying to do.”

Throughout the presentation, Social Justice kept the girls’ minds interested with different videos, statistics, and fun activities. They informed us about the little things we can do everyday to help save our environment from distress and harm. The comparisons they made with our habits and how they infect the environment really impacted our everyday thoughts. At the very end of the presentation, Social Justice introduced the  “Kid President”, who inspired us with a video message on changing the world. It highlighted the key themes that the SoJo team informed us earlier. “The main thing my Social Justice class was saying is that in order to change the world, we must have mandatory Social Action. If Social Action was practiced around the world, imagine the change we would make in our communities and environment,” preaches Mr. McCluskey. Social Action is a very important program not only in our school, but also in our communities and the environment. Every little bit helps, and our actions are truly making a difference in the world.


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