Girls Reaching Their Goals

May 7, 2014

Allie Ingram ’14 and ┬ácannot even describe how much they love their Social Action site. She does her service at Excel Academy for Girls in SE Washington D.C, a prep academy to help girls realize their full potential in the community. “These girls just come everyday wanting to learn,” describes Allie Ingram ’14. “We just teach them how to read, comprehend math, and most importantly, be respectful and learn respectfully.” Allie specifically works with pre-kindergarteners, teaching them to read. “The girls were really well-behaved. Over the course of the year, they improved their counting skills and can put phrases together. It’s really cool and interesting to see them grow throughout the year.” Excel-logo-240x76 Allie says that the most gratifying moment of her work was when a little girl read a small picture book to her. “At the beginning of the year, she could not read at all. But to have her read a full book to me made me feel like my work was really worthwhile. These girls are our next generation, and the fact that I am helping educate them shows how I am making a difference in the world.” One of the unique characteristics of this school is that each room is named after a college. Allie Ingram works in the Amherst room. “These girls are already starting to talk about college. It gives them something to strive for. It helps them work hard so that they can achieve that goal.”



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