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In Washington D.C., I followed my friend to her Social Action site. I drove to the clean, white building of Food and Friends Inc. and entered a fresh and new lobby with a friendly receptionist. She told me that the service mostly happened upstairs and pointed me in the direction. Ready to see the action, […]

Eliana Fassihi (2013) guides the freshmen class through the tall glass doors into the welcoming lobby of Sunrise at Fox Hill, an elderly home in Bethesda. Upon arrival she separates her group into smaller sub units, Volley ball, Bingo, or Charades. As the women and men walk past the group, they excitedly and gratefully say […]

Olivia Jacocks (2013) runs a tight, but chaotic ship during her Social Action days. Between various discussion groups, coloring, and actual lessons, Jacocks has the freshmen class booked with activities and knowledge surrounding Human Rights. While a┬árelatively┬ánew freshmen rotation and an even newer teacher, Jacocks takes the reigns and shows her students what being human […]

The Social Action Leaders are a huge part of the Social Action Program. Every year, a group of Seniors are selected to be Social Action leaders for the incoming Freshman class. They dedicate time during the summer to do research, prepare for class discussions, organize informational trips, and focus on being leaders within the Stone […]