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Seniors Kara Rickford, Katie Mongoven, Laura Marquez, Michelle David, and Emily Hallewell and junior Pooja Duleep take the short metro ride to Tenleytown to volunteer their time and talents at Janney Elementary School. These gators spend the day photocopying, cutting papers, and playing with the cute kids grades one to five. The warm atmosphere and […]

Puppy mills, dog fights, and abandonment are just some of the horrible ways animals are abused in today’s society. In addition, dogs, especially pit bulls, are discriminated against because of their use in fights. These subjects, among others, are those that the sophomore social action groups research before heading over to the Washington Animal Rescue […]

A white board spread with little illustrations of girls in one-tone dresses, bows in their hair, smiles on their faces. The thermostat is set at a comfortable temperature. The desks are pushed to the side to leave a space to spread out across the floor. Freshmen are hard at work, but they’re not losing hair […]

Over the past 2012 summer, Georgetown Prep’s rising seniors spent one week going to Ivanhoe, Virginia for service work. In the months before, all rising seniors had the choice of three different sites and about 15 of them were chosen for the Ivanhoe site. Their experience seemed to be the most unique of the three […]