The Four-Year Breakdown

First Academic

As part of a year-long orientation program, all First Academic students take part in six Social Action rotations during the school year, each bounded by the six faces of social action. These rotations include childcare and elementary education, understanding disability, care and concern for the elderly, poverty and homelessness, environment, and human rights development. Each rotation is led by Fourth Academic Social Action Leaders (SALS), who design lesson plans to educate First Academic students about these six foundational categories of community service. Each rotation is comprised of two Social Action days. During the first day, students will learn in the classroom about their rotation’s respective category of service and what they can do to help. Two weeks later, during the second day, students of each group will carry their new knowledge of the issue into the greater community by assisting a particular site that deals with that issue. For example, the rotation focused on care for the environment might spend the day cleaning and beautifying a park.

Second Academic

Second Academic students work both as a class and in smaller groups to explore the different facets of service as mentioned above. Unlike First Academics, Second Academics spend every Social Action day out in the community to experience the six areas of community service and discover which area of service is most important to them.

Third and Fourth Academic

Third and Fourth Academic students specialize their service by choosing a specific organization or site to serve every Social Action day. Students assume individual responsibilities with the given organization or site and develop personal relationships with those they work with and serve throughout the year. Many students often choose to continue serving their organization or site beyond their years at Stone Ridge.